Dia de los Muertos

I offer a variety of Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead designs — elaborate customized sugar skull makeup, by appointment, or simpler designs for festivals (which we will still customize for the individual). Contact me to schedule, using the form on the Home page.

dia de los muertos


Day of the Dead makeup C

So much fun in this Homeschool class, doing personalized Day of the Dead faces, by request:

IMG_3684 IMG_3687 IMG_3680IMG_3695 IMG_3703 IMG_3705

Okay, this one isn’t a regular Day of the Dead design, but this guy was so happy about becoming the Zombie of his imagination. When he was looking in the mirror, he kept closing his eyes and then opening them. He said “I just have to make sure I’m not dreaming.” Best compliment ever!



Here’s a more masculine style:


and a feminine one, which leaves the mouth area unpainted:

photo 5

I like to add matching design on the chest:


These folks really do it up for Halloween! Another fun collaboration:

Dia couple

And another one that was done for an elegant party

calavera mask

These kids’ designs were quicker:

photo 1_2 photo 4_2photo 2_2 photo 3_2 photo 5_2

One thought on “Dia de los Muertos

  1. tewapowers says:

    Thank you Brenda,
    My granddaughter is only five and you treated her with such gentleness and kindness. She truly enjoyed the whole experience of her face being painted. Your work was so quick and very nice.. I will definately tell family and friends about your beautiful work.

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