Body Art

See, my body painting website, for more!

I created this to express her vitality, passion, love of the ocean and more.
Live event painting at The 418 Project in Santa Cruz on a First Friday, where she got to experience the Power of Being Seen

Temporary designs to suit your mood, for all ages…

(Also see the Art Pieces page for other customized unusual designs)

Custom portraits, captured by professional photographers like Devi Pride Photography. A transformative experience to Be Art! Good for events, too.


Thanks to Krishna Putnam for a fabulous job styling hair!

“Relaxing, what a treat to do nothing while being painted,” said the model below.

And for me, as a painter, it was a treat to consider my model’s personality and interests and therefore spend time with the graceful organic shapes of Art Nouveau.

Art Nouveau inspired body paint
Art Nouveau inspired body painting

I got my first chance to work with UltraViolet reactive paint for the GLOW festival at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz. It was an absolute pleasure to work with model/dancer Jennifer Radakovich, who moved in mesmerizing ways under the blacklights! Thanks too to creative photographer Larry Colen!

Jenn glow body
Jennifer Glow

This was for the FashionTeens show in Santa Cruz — a fish scale design picking up colors from this young fashion designer’s creation:


This one was inspired my the contours of his body …


Aerial Arts performer …


Here is a design for Tango Dancers, and anyone else…


I have a spray-sealer that can be applied to prevent paint from transferring to clothing, smudging, or transferring to other dancers!


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