Art Pieces

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These are unique, customized Art Pieces– not the things I do at fairs. Some of these designs take a long time, so must be prescheduled.

This type of art lends itself to fashion shows, performers, gallery openings, therapeutic process, photo shoots, etc. Please contact me about your project, and we can discuss unique, memorable, eye-catching possibilities!

Thmas watermarked

Jennifer Glow

Model Jennifer Radakovich, photographer Larry Colen


This was such a fun take on a Jack-o-Lantern! I hope she played in the mirror afterwards, because the whole shape changed with every move 🙂


This may become a sky series? This one is for my daughter who is teaching me to appreciate cloudy days, and was a generously patient model.

nightskymoonside nightskycloudsclosed

I have always enjoyed the lush twilight gradations in Maxfield Parrish’s paintings.

twilightside ferntwilight fern

Which way do you read this one? Does he have a tunnel going into his head, or more of a horn?


And here’s the same design, made extra trippy by awesome artist and animator Benjamin Arthur!

Check out his other fabulous work:


Face paint to match your fashion sense!


Many of these designs were created for Fun-A-Day, a project of daily art during the month of January, which  exhibited at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

Click here to see the newspaper article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about my project.


One morning I just woke up with retro rockets on my mind. I said to my family “I want to paint a rocket on someone,” and when there were no takers, it became a design for yours truly. I had a great time doing this one!


Stained glass? Mosaic? This was born out of an assignment I had many years ago for a college drawing class, where we were to imagine the face broken into planes. It was for a 2-D drawing, and was a great project. The newest iteration isn’t on paper! In both forms, this was a challenge for my brain, noticing where angles become more extreme, touching and turning my face to double check.


Here’s the before & after process for Jan 27’s design:0001BM

A la Picasso, with a lot of my own creative license thrown in:


I have always liked Gargoyles, and was fortunate to visit Notre Dame when I was about 12. That’s the inspiration for this face design. We liked seeing how this changed with his various expressions, and my son was such a great sport about this whole process (in the middle of the night when he had class the next morning, but I just couldn’t stop until I was satisfied!)


Wave …click to enlarge– the colors were prettier in the real thing.



A friend was kind enough to lend me some jewelry for inspiration. This is an enamel piece by Laurel Birch, used as inspiration for a feathery face.


I want to do something like this for Mardi Gras or Carnival dancers sometime!


This was based on a Valentine’s card I saw in a store window. I always liked making my own homemade Valentines.


This is designed to look distorted — I was wondering if I made the cheek lines not parallel, if it would look extra weird. Then I discovered all the ways it changes when I make faces. Click to enlarge.


Wow, this was tricky to do on myself in a mirror! Sometimes my hand and brush would get between my eye and the mirror, so I’d have to work at an odd angle. We once had a cat who looked like this and would hide on a dining chair behind a tablecloth, darting her paw out at you when you walked by!


I went to college in Arizona, where I met my sweetheart. He helped me appreciate the desert, and Southwest art, which inspired this design. Particularly pottery designs. 


This one is also inspired by my friend’s jewelry (thanks Joan!). I was thinking about some of the indigenous African body art I’ve seen, but also, somehow, thought of giraffes crept in. 





14 thoughts on “Art Pieces

  1. Wow!!! I have one of those big open-mouthed dumb-ass grins as I look at these! They are beautifully done but also just so FUN!!!!! Thank you for sharing, Brenda!

  2. Pam Newbury says:

    Brenda, these are just stunning! They are all amazing, but if I had to pick my favorites: January 6 (the way it changes the shape of your face is incredible), January 12 (awesome gargoyle!), and January 14 (how did you get such amazing depth to the design?!? That must have taken painstaking detailing). The more I look, the more favorites I want to add. What an excellent art project, and so ephemeral.

    • Thanks, Pam, and your specific feedback is great for inspiring future designs! The depth on 1/14 was created by going over each pane with a dark grey to brown gradation from top to bottom, according to where I imagined a shadow would be. I used a wide flat brush with the dark color on one side. I also touched up with a more watery dark grey wash as needed.
      Thanks for reminding me that I want to do more in this series!

  3. Great concept, incredible art! Thanks for sharing your beautiful inspirations.

  4. sheila says:

    Your bird and cat turned out beautifully!

  5. Molly says:

    Amazing, Brenda! Thanks for sharing. They are all so interesting and detailed and different!

  6. The art page is my favorite, and I’m looking forward to seeing future creations. It has shading and a 3D quality to it which makes it look like tattooing. I’m a big fan, Brenda!.

  7. Nancy says:

    I love all of the designs on this page too!!!

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