Hi, I’m Brenda. You can contact me using the form below.IMG_2709

I have been making art of various sorts for many  years. I have a degree in Graphic Design, and have worked in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Baltimore in book publishing as a Book Designer,  doing art direction and some illustration. My business, Once Upon a Design, served publishers with design, typesetting, illustration, and communication with printers.

I have 4 kids, so started facepainting on them, then for local fundraisers, and have now grown to doing professional festivals and events. I really enjoy working with kids to create designs they want, and watching their imaginations take flight when they see what they have become! It’s also fun to help adults express themselves with face painting art.

This business is expanding towards Body Art and Face Art which is more unique and sophisticated. I am branching out to support Performers, do unique designs for Fashion Shows, Photo Shoots, models at Gallery and Museum Openings. I would love to “embody” your creative vision! I am also exploring adding my creativity to Rituals, Parties for adults, and Therapeutic uses, for example at a Personal Growth Retreat, to make transformational work more concrete.

Additionally, I sometimes teach art classes, create costumes, draw portraits, dabble in graphic design projects, make earrings, …whatever bits of art project inspiration come my way.

I will be very happy to email and/or talk with you about your needs, and am happy to expand my designs for particular themes.


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